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How we got here

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

I'm more surprised than anyone to actually have a #blog. I am notoriously bad with change, especially if that change has anything to do with technology! But we've been living in #Thailand for 22 months now, and after the initial shock of life with young kids in a foreign country passed, it happened that I was pregnant. So eventually our fourth child was born in Thailand (that'll be a fun story to share!) and he is now 9 months old, and I finally feel like I can breathe a little again.

I do love writing for myself. I've been an avid journaler since middle school. I have journals for each of my children which I (try) to write in weekly, although the older the child gets - and less rapidly they change - it stretches to every 2-3 weeks. But I love putting down memories... little moments that can be frozen in time. I enjoy looking back through those notes of when my older kids were babies. It brings me joy because I often forget what they were like... I'm just absorbed with life where they are right now.

So, I was thinking about writing down the stories of everything we've done and seen so I won't forget. Which is why I'm starting a blog, so I can remember and share our stories... but to put these stories in context, I should explain a little bit more of who we are. My husband grew up as a missionary kid in Chad, Africa. Life was different and culturally diverse. He came back to the states for college, and we met after his graduation. I first traveled abroad when I was 18 years old, and was always looking forward to the next trip. When Tim and I met, we had both already been to approximately 11 countries (we can't remember exactly). Early on in our marriage we got to share our passion for traveling while visiting Canada, The United Kingdom, Switzerland, France, Chad, Australia, Tahiti & New Zealand. But 3 years down the line we had the wonderful blessing of welcoming our first daughter in 2013. At that point #traveling seemed like a daunting task and was limited to road trips to see family.

When our 3rd child was only a few weeks old, we got the news of a lifetime! Tim had been offered a job which would move us around the world to #Pattaya Thailand. It was a whirlwind moving with kids aged 4, 2, and 6 months old. I hope to share details of those early days at some point, because they were incredibly hard and it was a season of just surviving. However, we found traveling was something to look forward to in the hard weeks and months, and provided opportunities to bond as a family. So far we have visited 12 countries and counting and multiple cities within Thailand as we are continuing to refine our ability to #travelwithkids . I hope to authentically share the joys and stress of traveling with young kids, while providing tips and encouragement, because it has been an adventure just figuring it out along the way.

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