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About Us

Hi! I'm Kristin. My husband and I loved traveling before our oldest daughter was born in 2013. After that it just seemed too daunting. When our 3rd child was only a few weeks old we found out my husband got a job that would move us across the world to Thailand for the next 3 years. Suddenly becoming expats gave us the shove out the door we needed to get us in the air again, this time with 3 kids in tow who were 4, 2, and 6 months at the time.

We moved our family from Central Illinois to Thailand in May of 2018 and soon after we became pregnant with baby #4 who was born in Bangkok. Having kids with us didn't slow us down in our drive to explore a part of the world that we likely wouldn't have the opportunity to see otherwise.


We visited multiple cities within Thailand and 12 countries & counting with our kids. Before meeting my husband I had traveled to 11 different countries, and my husband not only grew up in Africa, but had been to about 15 other countries. We traveled quite a bit before having kids - Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Tahiti, Chad, France, England, Switzerland & China (him). So, the opportunity to move abroad was an easy one to choose. We've seen places I'd never heard of or dreamed to visit. We've done things I never thought possible & have met amazing people I would have never known.

Everyone asks us how we do it all with 4 young kids. Sometimes I don't know. I won't sugar coat it because it can be hard and frustrating at times. I'll try to answer that question and share the incredible places we've seen along the way while giving tips on how YOU can confidently travel abroad with children.

We moved back to America in May 2021 and are currently in Tucson, AZ exploring the great Southwest!

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