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Family Sees World

Empowering families to experience nature and culture while living or traveling internationally 

Interested in traveling? There are tips for you! Have young kids? We have plenty of recommendations!



We're Tim & Kristin, we love to travel! Tim is Australian/American and moved to Chad, Africa when he was 2 years old, and spent high school in Cameroon, Africa before moving to the USA for college. From the time Kristin traveled to Italy at 18 years old she was set on adventuring the world any opportunity she had - which included visiting 10 countries plus Puerto Rico before meeting Tim at 23. We were married 13 months after meeting and spent the first 2 years of marriage paying off $40,000 in student loans while still having fun exploring Australia, UK, France, Switzerland and then as a reward for paying off the student loans we went to Tahiti & New Zealand! 

About Family Sees World

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